China’s first History Museum of Victims


Suzhliang, a professor of a history department, Education College in Shanghai published <the Annals of Japanese Military Comfort Station in Shanghai> that revealed 160 comfort stations located in Shanghai, and established the China’s first History Museum of Comfort Women. He said that he became to concern about comfort women issue when he heard that ‘the first comfort station is in Shanghai’ at an international conference in Japan when he was a researcher at the University of Tokyo, Japan. After returning to Shanghai, he has been focused on research of comfort women for nearly 20 years from 1993. He collected relics related to comfort women in Shanghai and testimonies from victims, and finally opened the History Museum of Comfort Women in 2007.


This History Museum, which is operated mainly by testimonies of victims and related books, is a history museum that exhibits Saku (condom), hair combs and shoes used by comfort women. It hasn’t been more than a hundred years yet, but can violation of human rights and violent brutality committed against whole Asia be forgotten from the memory of people who are living today? There should be no present and future that doesn’t settle the past. If crimes committed under the name of militarism of Japan is remembered and we receive a sincere apology, true forgiveness and reconciliation would be made.