What kind of places did Japanese military use as comfort station?

Comfort station for Japanese military was first built in Shanghai in 1931 and continued until war defeat. The reasons why Japanese military built the comfort station include prevention of rape, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and morale elevation of soldiers. It was found that the comfort stations were built in all places where Japanese military invaded. It was built not only in war areas but also in places where labor forces were gathered such as coal pits and factories in Japan to conduct the war.

The number of victims is estimated to be about 50,000 ~ 200,000, but the exact number is unknown due to the lack of data. Regions of victims’ birth are wide ranging including Chosun, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Indonesia, East Timor, Netherlands and Japan. Records from soldiers indicate that women from Burma, Male, India and Vietnam were also in comfort station, but the full scale of damage has not been revealed yet.