In March 1942, the Imperial Japanese Army invaded Indonesia, then occupied territory of Netherlands. The navy occupied Borneo and East Indonesia, and the army controlled Java and Sumatra islands. Women were abducted by violence and many of them approached from local mayors were also lured with opportunities of school and stable jobs, and they were sent to the comfort stations. Troops took women into their barracks to rape, and in another case, married general officers abused women as their “local wives” during their stationing. There were some women impelled to move to neighbor islands, Burma and the Philippines as well.
In July 1992, a woman named Tumina in Solo, the center of Java, came forward to public as a former comfor t woman. In 1993, the LBH (Lembaga Bantuan Hukumu), the Indonesia Legal Aid Association, addressed comfort women survivors for registrations, and more than 17,000 women registered and 250 of them were revealed as comfort women survivors thru the inquiring investigation. In 1995, Heiho Church called for more registrations and over 20,000 people registered. Even now, follow-up surveys and audio surveys are continuously being held.




My parents were farmers. The three sibling with my older and younger brother, we were happy. When I was 15,...


My parents were farmers, and I was happy with ten siblings. The village foreman came and forcibly picked out...

Dg Tija

Around the time I was junior in the middle school, Japanese soldiers came to Ujung Pandang. First, they took my...


I went out to the market to buy some things. Suddenly, Japanese soldiers came and dragged me to Malimpong. Many...


I was on my way to work at a coffee farm with two friends of mine. Suddenly, Japanese soldiers forced us into a...


My parents were out to do farming, and I was home alone. Japanese soldiers came and yelled at me to come down from...


East Timor